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Pink Earth


Specialized topics for growing deeper in faith


Meaningful Connections with God and His Word

Ginger Stelk

Are you new to knowing God and wondering how to start carving out time to be with Him and learn from Him? Have you been walking with God a long time and sometimes feel a little burnt out with a standard reading plan? Come and hear some fresh ideas to keep your walk exciting and growing.

Is Christianity Still Relevant Today?

Dr. Jamie Dew

In this breakout session, we will explore the accusation that Christianity is outdated, wrongheaded, and no longer relevant for our culture today. We will see how Christianity still makes the most sense of the world we live in.

It's Not Just You: Women & Sexuality
(Women Only, 1st Session Only)

 With Ashley Chestnut

How does the gospel offer hope and help to those entrenched in sexual sin? How do we deal with guilt and shame because of sin? Are we always going to struggle with porn, sex addiction, homosexuality, etc.? Join us as we address these questions, discover God's design for sexuality, and unpack how we can experience His forgiveness, restoration, and peace, no matter our sin struggle.


How to Win the War Within

Ashley Chesnut (2nd Session Only)

How do we discern the difference between symptoms of sin and the root issue? We all battle sin, but how can we take steps to fight well? Learn how to identify the thoughts and beliefs that drive your behavior, and be equipped to dispute false beliefs and to "win the war within."


The Phone in Your Pocket: Tool or Tyrant?

Melody Richeson

Are you on your phone all the time?  What if you had to leave it in your room for a whole day? Whether you have thought much about it or not, your use of technology is shaping you.  Have you considered HOW it is shaping you? Let's talk about the deadly dangers at our fingertips and a strategy to take back our time and our minds in order to honor Christ in this critical realm of our lives.

Sexual Brokenness and God’s Path to Hope and Healing (Men Only)

 With Brook Beyer

God can and will use our stories of sexual brokenness to draw us closer to him and reveal our deep need to be loved and known by him. Come join us as we discuss God’s intent for sex and his path to hope and healing from sexual brokenness. (Men only)

Building Friendships That Last for a Lifetime

Bob Anderson and Brett Yohn

We will talk about our friendship, which has spanned 55 years, including our college years and six decades of ongoing friendship since leaving college. We will be sharing both the necessary principles that help define deep friendships and the practical things we’ve done together through the years to help keep our friendship close.


Living Out Your God-Given Purpose in the Workplace

Ryan Nutter

If you work 40 hours per week for the next 40 years of your life, you’ll have spent 80,000 hours working in your vocation. During your working years—the companies you build, the employees you work with, the customers you serve, the shareholders you report to—all of this serves as an active part of what God wants to accomplish on earth. We need to understand how our work ties in with God’s calling and purpose for the world… So let’s talk about it!


Prayer Practicum

Marci Painter 

Feeling like you want to pray more but aren’t sure how to do that?  Join a fellow “grower-in-prayer” to look at some very practical ways to take baby steps in making prayer a more central part of our lives.

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