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Pink Earth


Specialized topics for growing deeper in faith


Starting Points for a New Way of Living

 With Brett Yohn

Life change is always difficult. Beginning to live life as a follower of Jesus is both exciting and challenging. This workshop will examine five starting points that lay a foundation for a life long pursuit of a meaningful relationship with Jesus.

Compelled through Suffering

 With Carin Cochran

God loves you and has a wonderful plan for your life…. And that plan will include suffering. What God has for us and has called us to do and be are not in spite of our sufferings and circumstances but through them. Suffering is a universal human experience and we will take a look at just some of what the Bible has to say about it.

Emotional Health & Spiritual Growth
(1st Session Only)

 With Ashley Chestnut

Our emotional health affects our spiritual growth. The transforming power of the gospel can heal our woundedness, but too many believers experience a disconnect between what they know about God and how they live and feel. If we do not turn to God to transform our emotional brokenness, we will transmit that pain to others. Learn how to overcome dysfunctional beginnings and sinful responses and how to mature in both faith and feelings.


Why Can I Trust the Bible

 With Cameron Schweitzer

 Many voices in our day and age tell us that the Bible is “irrelevant,” “false,” or “bigoted.” This workshop will address these charges head on, by providing several reasons to which we can appeal that underscore the Bible’s truthfulness and divine inspiration.


It’s Not Just You: Hope for the Sexually Broken (Women Only -2nd Session Only)

 With Ashley Chesnut

How does the gospel offer hope and help to those entrenched in sexual sin? How do we deal with guilt and shame because of sin? Are we always going to struggle with porn, sex addiction, homosexuality, etc.? Join us as we address these questions, discover God's design for sexuality, and unpack how we can experience His forgiveness, restoration, and peace, no matter our sin struggle. (Women only)

Sexual Brokenness and God’s Path to Hope and Healing (Men Only)

 With Brook Beyer

God can and will use our stories of sexual brokenness to draw us closer to him and reveal our deep need to be loved and known by him. Come join us as we discuss God’s intent for sex and his path to hope and healing from sexual brokenness. (Men only)

Valuing Life Beyond the Ballot Box

 With Jason and Lisa Huebner

Abortion has been a huge issue this year nationally and in Kansas. What if our call is to become more personally involved rather than politically involved? What Biblical texts could guide us towards more personal and perhaps more costly involvement in caring for human life?


A Discussion on Dating

 With David and Rachel Irons

For anyone who wants to have a non-exhaustive discussion on dating and relationships. Why? Because we know it’s all you think about. But what does God think about it? and how do you do it? Together we will try to discover some of these truths.

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